Tumbling Classes

Beginner Tumbling - Ages 5 and Up
This class is designed to introduce cheer tumbling to students ages 5 and up. Tumbling emphasis is placed on forward-rolls, back-rolls, handstands, cartwheels and roundoffs, back bends and back bend kickovers. Students participate in several different strength drills that accelerate learning of tumbling skills. Those interested need no prior training or experience to participate in this class.
Intermediate Tumbling 
This class is for students who have Beginner tumbling skills. Students will successfully master front walk-overs, back walk-overs. round-off back handspring, a series of standing back handsprings and standing back handspring. Students will begin skills that will help their bodies develop into strong tumblers and cheerleaders, performing all skills in synchronization to counts. Contact PSA to be put in this class.
Advanced Tumbling 
This class is designed to help a student focus solely on achieving a back tuck. Participants focus on drills and exercises related to back tucks. Students participating in this class must already be able to perform a standing backhandsprings and running round-off back handsprings.

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